100 in 1 Day

100In1Day Is a global festival that takes place on Saturday June 3.

Starting in Bogata Columbia, it has since spread to 4 continents, 14 countries and over 30 cities.

100 (or more!) activities, events or community building projects take place on one day. They could last 15 minutes or go on for a few hours. It’s up to you – the organiser.

It’s fun, easy and anyone can participate. Oragnise and event or join others.

London is joining for the first time  https://100in1day.ca/london/

What kind of activity could you do? 

How about a dance party on your street, a sidewalk or parking spot chalk festival, a poetry reading in the park, a pop-up music concert, a neighbourhood science fair, planting a community garden, cleaning-up a park, a parking lot film festival, a recycled art exhibition, yarn bombing, a neighbourhood bike ride, pop-up yoga or line dancing, arts & crafts corner, cultural dance demonstrations, Tai-chi – whatever your imagination creates!

100In1Day activities should:

  • Inspire inclusive actions that respond to community needs and make our city a better place to live, work and play
  • Build and foster community networks
  • Be non-partisan and non-commercial
  • Have free participation

Learn more or register you activity  https://100in1day.ca/london/

Questions? Contact Lead Organiser nicole@urbanleague.ca

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Nicole St. John | Lead Organiser | 100in1Day London
C: 226-667-6302 | E: Nicole@urbanleague.ca

Register now for Saturday June 3 for 100In1Day London.

100In1Day London is powered by Urban League of London & Evergreen