2018 Enumeration Event – more details

Solving Homelessness Together In London

 Counting Our Way Home

Community Enumeration Event: Tuesday April 24, 2018


 London’s Community Enumeration Event is on Tuesday April 24, 2018

London is holding this year’s enumeration event, Counting Our Way Home, on Tuesday April 24, 2018. This year’s community enumeration event builds on the previous three community enumeration events and is an essential part of our community’s response to homelessness.

At least 300 individuals and families experiencing homelessness are expected to participate. Over 75 trained staff and volunteers will work in teams to interview individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in over 15 locations including emergency shelters, drop-in services, and unsheltered areas.

Gathering information about homelessness in our community assists all of us to respond in a coordinated and integrated way that focuses on housing stability for individuals and families. Engaging Londoners to solve homelessness provides an opportunity to learn and contribute to solutions together.

How The Surveys Help Us Solve Homelessness

The evidence informed VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool), the Government of Canada’s Core Survey Questions, and the Province of Ontario’s Core Set of Common Questions will be used as the interview guide. The interviews are voluntary. Summarized information will be used to prepare a community report.

Why Community Enumeration Events Are Important

Our community’s response to individuals and families experiencing homelessness is more effective when we make every effort to understand their unique circumstances and needs and use that information to help individuals and families get housed and stay housed. This is something we can achieve together through activities and events such as London’s 2018 community enumeration event, Counting Our Way Home.

The focus of this year’s community enumeration event is on individuals and families experiencing absolute homelessness. In the future, this will expand to gather information on homelessness from a broader perspective including those at risk of homelessness or who are precariously housed.

Enumeration events assist the City of London, the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada, and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness 20,000 Homes Campaign to have a stronger understanding of homelessness across Canada and build our resolve to solve homelessness together.

For more information on London’s community enumeration event, please contact:

Jan Richardson

Manager, Homeless Prevention


London’s 2018 enumeration event, Counting Our Way Home, is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Innovative Solutions to Homelessness Program, the Province of Ontario’s Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative, and the City of London.