Community Wellbeing Event

Please join the London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse for a press release and discussion panel on February 1st at 11 am at the London Food Incubator, 630 Dundas Street, London

Measure the success and strength of our community by the health and wellbeing of all citizens

In Ontario, 48 women were killed by men in their lives this past year[1]. Every life lost tears a hole in the fabric of our society that can never be mended. To be ‘successful’ as a society, we must care deeply about all of our people and work together to create a vision of a sustainable and equitable society in which all people belong and have value.

Toward a different measure of success, the LCCEWA has released a local snapshot of statistics to start a dialogue in London.  The LCCEWA is working to connect the dots between social and systemic issues that include violence against women, inequality, rising poverty, mental health, addictions, engaging men, human trafficking, affordable housing and employment. 

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members.  We want to start measuring our success as a city not only by those who are doing well, but by telling the stories and numbers of people who are struggling to survive in the current system. It is a baseline by which to chart our progress over time. 

Understanding and addressing the complexity of social issues is essential for prevention, informed policies, and prioritizing support for families.  It’s especially important for leaders like you to better understand that violence committed against women is not just an issue that happens between people, it is a bi-partisan societal issue that has high individual, social and economic costs that impact everyone.

London is a city with great strengths. Solutions to our most pressing problems require the engagement and support of the whole community. We are using the snapshot to tell the story of what is happening on the ground in London so that we can think together about how we can be successful as a community.

Please join us for a press release and discussion panel on February 1st at 11 am at the London Food Incubator, 630 Dundas Street, London.

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A Message from Mission Services of London

“Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter, a branch of Mission Services of London, has been experiencing some very significant occupancy challenges over the last 11 months, with Daily Average Occupancy routinely averaging 120%, and going all the way up to 200% at peak times. Through the generosity of community donors who responded to this need, and with the help of a one-time urgent grant from the City of London in 2018, Rotholme has been able to accommodate participants beyond its shelter capacity of 20 families, by using motels/hotels to cover overflow in the short term. It was our hope that the unprecedented increase in demand for family emergency shelter would be a short-term circumstance, subsiding to more usual levels over the course of the year; unfortunately, this has not been the case. Due to the infeasibility of continuing this approach as a long-term practice, effective January 1, 2019, Rotholme will no longer be able to use motels/hotels to cover overflow.

Families currently accessing hotel/motel stays through Rotholme, and who remain in need of emergency shelter as of January 1st, will continue to be supported as they move through the remaining steps toward more stable housing. However, we will be unable to accommodate new families into overflow.

Moving forward, we will continue to house up to 20 families within our existing shelter; we will also continue to seek proactive solutions to families experiencing a housing crisis and to divert families in a positive manner wherever possible.”

Peter Rozeluk, Executive Director

London’s 2018 Enumeration Report

On April 24, 2018, the City of London held its fourth annual community enumeration event, Counting Our Way Home.

During the enumeration event 73 community volunteers and 20 team leaders from homelessness serving agencies surveyed 406 individuals and families experiencing homelessness in 15 locations in London.

For the findings from the 2018 community enumeration event, please see Counting Our Way Home.