Housing Allowance Providers Announced

On behalf of Jan Richardson, Manager, Homeless Prevention

The following report, London’s Homeless Prevention System – Contract Award Request for Proposal 17-39 – London Homeless Prevention Allowance Programwill be presented at the October 11, 2017 meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee.

The full agenda is available at:

Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Feedback

From the City of London:

survey has also been developed to gather information from members of the public, individuals with lived experience, and anyone else who is interested in submitting their ideas. The survey is available now on the City’s website at the following link, and will be open until October 12th:

 We would appreciate your help in letting people know about the survey and encourage responses by October 12th. Kindly forward to any groups or individuals that you think would be interested in providing input. Additional information is provided on the City website through the link, including more specific details on the purpose of the survey, those who should respond, how the results will be used and contact information for the project team.

 Thank you

RFQ – Enumeration event

On behalf of Jan Richardson, Manager, Homeless Prevention

Homeless Prevention, Neighbourhood, Children and Fire Services, City of London is responsible for the delivery of London’s Annual Enumeration Event focused on individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

The City of London is seeking Request for Quotations from qualified organizations/consultants to undertake the data management, reporting, and coordination of London’s Annual Enumeration Event,“Counting Our Way Home London 2018”. Data management and coordination services are required to ensure the appropriate management of logistics, training of volunteers, secure collection of  completed surveys, accurate and reliable data entry, and professional production of required reports.

Please see the Request for Quotations below for complete details:

2018 Request for Quotation Annual Enumeration Event Data Management and …

2018 Enumeration and common data system

Two items from the City of London to be presented at Community and Protective Services this week related to homelessness:

London’s Homeless Prevention System Homelessness Partnering Strategy Funding Agreement 2018 Coordinated Point-in-Time;


London’s Homeless Prevention System Homelessness Partnering Strategy Homeless Individuals and Families Information System Data Provision Agreement