Go Fund Me for women with lived experience to attend CAEH

All Our Sisters, a national network on women and homelessness, has been invited to partner with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) annual conference being held in London Ontario in November –www.caeh.ca check out the website for program and registration information.

Would love to see you there.  We would also love to see more women with lived experience of homelessness and / risk of homelessness to provide us all with the much needed participation to help find solutions to ensuring all families have access to safe, affordable housing of their choice from coast to coast to coast.

All Our Sisters has a very lofty fundraising goal, and one of their fundraisers is a Go Fund Me created by the Women’s Advisory Committee for AOS.  Please check it out, support if you are able and share with everyone.  Let’s bring All Our Sisters to London in November.

Here is the Go Fund Me link:   gofundme.com/2acy5d8