Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of the London Homeless Coalition (LHC). The LHC exists to advise, shape and coordinate community responses to homelessness, and related needs to the London area.

Membership is open to any individual or organization that shares the Coalition’s commitment to ending homelessness in the London area.

A Member is a representative of an organization or individual who regularly attends General Membership meetings. Where the Member is a representative of an organization, the Member shall identify a delegate who will attend meetings on its behalf. This delegate shall be a person of authority within the Member’s organization. The Member may change its delegate through written notification to the Chair.

Members have the right to vote for the Chair, Vice-Chair, Coordinators, and Steering Committee members. They are eligible to hold the position of Chair, Vice-Chair, Coordinator, and Steering Committee member, may move and second motions, and may vote at General Membership meetings and at priority setting meetings.

To join, please complete: Electronic Application for Membership
or you can complete a hard copy of: Application for Membership

To just receive email updates simply click here or click the link in the sidebar, sign up, and you will receive announcements and minutes/agendas for general meetings (monthly).