LHC Policies

Terms-of-Reference- January 2024

Donation and Sponsorship Policy

LHC Policy re Coordinator Roles

LHC Information Sharing Policy

LHC Social Media Policy

LHC Policy — Electronic Privacy

LHC Communications Policy

Delegation to LHC


LHC Position Statements:

LHC Position Statement – Persons in Public Places – Oct 4

Adequate Rates Now 2017

LHC Position Statement – Harm Reduction

Working Together Respectfully

2014 Municipal Election Platform

CSUMB Backgrounder


Missing Persons Protocol

Missing Persons Protocol

Missing Persons Protocol Chart

Appendix-A-Missing Person Protocol Participation-Agreement

Appendix B-Email Template Missing Person Alert

Appendix C Emergency Information Sheet


London’s Community Plan – Current

London’s Homeless Prevention System


City of London Statistics:

Emergency Shelter Progress-report-2011-2015



Other Documents:

Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty – Final Report (Recommendations)

Best Practice Guideline for Ending Women’s and Girl’s Homelessness

London Homeless Coalition Priorities 2016

State of homelessness in London – Jan 2015

Work Plan for Ad Hoc Communications Committee

London Homeless Coalition Communications Report – July 2015

LHC Final Report

Adequate Rates Now

Housing Stability Fund Flyer – July 1 2014

London Community Plan on Homelessness – Former

London Community Housing Strategy

Its More Than Poverty – Report

Homes for the Hard to House

Understanding the Local Rental Market

Help Yourself Through Hard Times