LHC Elections Process

The Homeless Coalition Steering Committee consists of 8 members plus a Chair. Elections for Steering members and the Chair occur separately. Steering positions include: Vice-Chair, Secretary, Communications, Outreach, and 4 members-at-large. The Steering Committee meets on the 3rd Monday of each month from 9-10:30am. Terms last for 2 years.

  1. Elections

4.1 Date of Elections

4.1.1. The election of the Chair and Steering Committee members shall occur at the November General Membership meeting.

4.2 Nomination of Candidates

4.2.1. A call for nominations will take place at the October General Membership Meeting. Candidates shall indicate their intention to run for a position by notifying the Chair in the window between the October General Membership Meeting and the Sunday before the October Steering Committee Meeting on the third Monday of the month.    This notification should briefly include the candidate’s interest in holding the position, and their reasons for wishing to participate.  Nominations will be closed on that Sunday.

4.2.2. Using an updated Membership list prepared in advance by the Secretary, the Steering Committee shall finalize the ballot at its October meeting.

4.2.2. The Chair shall circulate the information provided to him/her by the candidates regarding their interest in holding the position and their reasons for wishing to participate in the agenda for the November General Membership Meeting.  

4.3 Election of Candidates

4.3.1. Candidates will be given an opportunity to briefly address the Membership at the Election Meeting.  Candidates who are unable to attend the meeting may submit their remarks in writing to be communicated to the Members.

4.3.2. There shall be two ballots – one for the Chair and one for the Members of the Steering Committee.

4.3.3. If the number of candidates for the Steering Committee is equal to the number of open spots on the Steering Committee, the slate of candidates will be acclaimed.  If the number of candidates for the Steering Committee exceeds the number of open spots, an election shall be held.  Up to nine persons shall be elected, including the Chair.

4.3.4. Only members present at the November General Membership meeting shall have the ability to vote.  There shall be no proxies. The Secretary will take appropriate measures to ensure that only the votes of Voting Members’ are counted.

4.3.5. The Steering Committee will delegate the task of Scrutineer to a Resource Member.  If required, a second Resource Member will be selected to assist the Scrutineer.

4.3.6. The candidate who receives the most votes shall be considered elected.

4.3.7. In the case of a tie, there will be a second ballot.

4.3.8. At the end of the election, ballots will be destroyed.