Oct 10 2012 – World Homeless Action Day

October 10th of each year is World Homeless Action Day.  The tag line is “Thinking outside the cardboard box”.  The London Homelessness Outreach Network began participating last year, and you can see the write-up here, and the video here.  The purpose last year, and again this year, is to think about truly ending homelessness, which means helping people become re-housed.  We use cardboard as a theme to engage people in the conversation, but the ultimate goal is something better.

Last year we built a cardboard condo in the parking lot of Museum London, and this year we are going for even more exposure, building a cardboard town on the lawn of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  We will use refrigerator boxes, and businesses or non-profits will have the opportunity to sponsor a box, and will be asked to have their staff come down at some point during the day to decorate it.  This is a collaborative effort involving ourselves, the London Homeless Coaltion, St Paul’s Cathedral, and St Peter’s Basilica.

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