MLHU Community Drug Strategy

crystal meth

The London Homeless Coalition heard a brief presentation from the co-chairs of a local community drug strategy at our May 2, 2016 general meeting.

From the meeting minutes: Community meetings were held in November 2015 and January 2016 and resulted in agreement that a four pillar approach of prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and enforcement was an appropriate framework to use for a community drug strategy within Middlesex and London. The strategy is led by Middlesex London Health Unit and is broadly focused on drugs and alcohol. A steering committee has been established and is co-chaired by Brian Lester (Regional HIV AIDS Connection (RHAC)) and Muriel Abbott (Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU)). Communication, collaboration and finding an effective balance between task and process are crucial as the project moves forward. The plan is for pillar groups to be initiated by the end of June with planning getting underway in the fall.

There is still opportunity for individuals to join a pillar work group. If interested, contact Muriel Abbott, at or 519-663-5317, ext. 2223.

Why is this issue important for homeless prevention advocacy?
Use of street drugs such as crystal meth seems to be on the rise on the London area, and has an impact on the health and safety of people experiencing poverty, as well as on local health care and corrections costs required to address the issue. Below are some online articles and reports that outline the history of the issue.